The Turning Point with the Help of a Network


Malia* was angry, having been let down by the adults and others in her life, which left her feeling vulnerable rather than protected. She reported her parents were absent throughout most of her childhood, and she was abused when her parents weren’t paying attention. In foster care, she reported being raped. She met a man she thought she could trust. Instead he sold her for sex over and over again and she became pregnant. The long history of abuse had left Malia with severe depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Malia says the turning point was getting connected to the Open Doors Outreach Network. The 24/7 support team helped her stabilize. She received timely care resulting in the birth of a healthy baby. She enrolled at a technical college and was approved for child care assistance. With continuing support from the Open Doors Outreach Network, Malia and her baby are forging a new journey as Malia rebuilds the broken areas of her life.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy