The Impact of a Survivor-Mentor


Jane* was a teenager when she began being trafficked by her older “boyfriend”. She was referred to the Open Doors Outreach Network seeking stability and support, coming from a family who was frequently homeless and struggled with addiction. Her family’s hardships resulted in involvement with the child welfare system. She reported she was a frequent runaway.

Like many survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, Jane suffered from mental health challenges and felt rejected by both of her parents. After finding out that Jane had been impregnated by her trafficker, her adoptive mother accessed various community based services, but reported something was missing. The missing piece was added with the Survivor-Mentor provided by the Open Doors Outreach Network and the 24/7 care and service navigation. Their shared life experiences helped Jane to trust her Survivor-Mentor, which allowed Jane to focus on her own individual plan. She earned her GED, became employed and has a more stable personal life. She continues to receive support from the Open Doors Outreach Network as needed.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy