Stepping into Adulthood with the Support of Open Doors


After being identified as a victim of sex trafficking by her DCF caseworker, Carrie* was placed into a specialized safe home and began receiving services through the Open Doors Outreach Network. While this relocation helped her feel more secure, she knew this was only a temporary placement as she would soon age out of the program. Though Carrie made a lot of progress with the Open Doors Care Team, she was angry at the child welfare system and began to act difficult toward the safe home staff. The Open Doors Care Team sensed that she needed stability and would be ready to live independently upon aging out.

To help with this transition, the Open Doors Care Team drove to the city and toured apartments with her every week until they found one that was the right fit. They also helped her enroll in community college and look for jobs. The Open Doors Care Team has been with her every step of the way as she navigates this newfound independence. She continues to heal with the support of her team. Carrie has made a lot of progress in the new world of adulthood, but knows help is just a phone call away.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy