Navigating from Maltreatment to Motherhood


Tina, a sex trafficked teenager the Open Doors Care Team had been working with for a couple years, has been making immense progress on her journey to well-being. Having experienced trauma since a very early age, she had the odds stacked against her. Her birth family was not understanding of what was going on and turned out to be an unfit environment for her. She entered the child welfare system and bounced around from safe homes to foster homes trying to find a place where she belonged. Though the road to finding a home was long and tiresome, her Open Doors Care Team was supporting her every step of the way.

When Tina became pregnant, the Open Doors Care Team helped her find placement in a maternity home. This environment allowed her to thrive as she carried her child to term with the support of her community behind her. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Open Doors Care Team sessions moved to Zoom without missing a beat.

Carrie gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Post-partum, the Open Doors Care Team helped her return to a previous foster home that felt a lot better after the teenager made progress overcoming her trauma while in the maternity home. She found a job and has been working for over a year now. Her Open Doors Care Team continues to support her as she navigates the next chapter of her life.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy