Mentoring Success


Arya* had been a chronic runaway for most of her life. When Arya ran away from her adoptive family, her adoptive parents suspected she was being trafficked and quickly contacted the Open Doors Team to create a safety plan ready to be implemented as soon as she returned home. During her run, Arya became pregnant and resurfaced at a local youth shelter, where she initiated care within the Open Doors Outreach Network that day. Growing close with her Survivor-Mentor, Arya began receiving daily mentorship.

Arya has truly turned her life around since beginning care in the Open Doors Outreach Network. She is now the mom to a healthy baby, has earned her GED, received a driver’s learning permit and is currently working two jobs. Most notably, Arya was appointed to her community’s Youth Action Board, where she provides valuable input on creating and improving homeless services for youth. She was even the keynote speaker at a luncheon of over 300 people! Arya is still receiving services within the Open Doors Outreach Network and wishes to one day become a Survivor-Mentor herself to help other vulnerable children.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy