From Survival to Safety


Melanie* was referred to the Open Doors Outreach Network after being suspected she might be a victim of sex trafficking. A Survivor-Mentor met with her, who began to identify her partner as a trafficker. The partner had become more physically abusive and dangerous over time, although the relationship started out as any other.

Fearing for Melanie, the Survivor-Mentor helped make contact with local domestic violence shelters. The Survivor-Mentor, having a close relationship with local law enforcement, tipped them off about the trafficker who had an outstanding warrant and he was captured through a sting arrest.

Feeling much more secure and safe, Melanie has continued to receive care from the Open Doors Outreach Network. This encouragement helped her land employment, and new place to live. Today, she continues walking the path to well-being, with the support of the Open Doors Outreach Network behind her.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy