Collaboration to Achieve Specialized Placement


Briannah* is just one of the survivors who we are celebrating today. We were told she was referred to the Open Doors Outreach Network as a “last-ditch effort.” The child welfare system had grown frustrated with her poor behavior that caused several failed placements. Our Open Doors Outreach Teams in multiple regions spent hundreds of hours advocating and educating numerous state agencies that have touched her case to ensure her trauma-related needs were met, including a specialized placement.

Our support helped Briannah to finally let down her walls to understand she was a victim of a serious crime. Once this mind-frame was established, she began to no longer see herself as a criminal or drug addict, but as an exploited child in need of specialized services to overcome serious trauma.

When Briannah moved into this specialized housing located in another city, our Network Providers in two regions collaborated to ensure continuity in services. Time and again, this seamless coordination throughout our Network has proven to be the tipping point when caring for survivors. Just as importantly, this survivor who many adults had feared could be a “hopeless cause” feels helpless no longer.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy