Collaboration to Achieve Specialized Placement

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Briannah* was referred to the Open Doors Outreach Network as a last ditch effort. The child welfare system had grown frustrated with her after she exhibited poor behavior during multiple placements. To overcome Briannah’s negative reputation, the Open Doors Outreach Teams in multiple regions spent hundreds of hours advocating and educating every agency that has touched her case.

Collaboration occurred throughout the healing process, a true implementation of the Open Doors model. The Open Doors Teams worked tirelessly with the multiple state agencies involved with Briannah’s case to ensure that she received placement specialized to her needs. There was also collaboration between the two Network Providers to ensure continuity in services when Briannah moved to another region. This cross-sector coordination has proven to be the tipping point over and over again when caring for survivors.

Briannah finally decided to turn her life around when she let down her walls to understand that she was a victim of serious crime. Once this mind-frame was established, she began to no longer see herself as a criminal or a drug addict, but an exploited child in need of specialized services to overcome this trauma!

Briannah worked hard to be where she is today, and the Open Doors Outreach Network looks forward to continuously supporting her throughout this journey.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy