A Second Family through the Open Doors Outreach Network


Danielle* is a victim served by the Open Doors Outreach Network who was being sold to men for sex by her own mother. After reporting to teachers this was happening, she was referred to the Open Doors Outreach Network by the Department of Children and Families.

The Open Doors Outreach Network first met Danielle at the State Attorney’s Office while she was preparing to testify against her mother. From then on, her team was with her throughout the judicial process. At the sentencing hearing, Danielle asked the entire Outreach Team to accompany her. There, each member took turns holding her hand and providing support to help calm her nerves.

Because of Danielle’s unwavering testimony, which she was able to deliver with the strength of her Outreach Team behind her, her mom is now incarcerated, no longer able to harm her daughter or anyone else.

It’s incredible how much Danielle has changed since the team first came into contact with her. Danielle no longer struggles with self-harm and, with the support of her Open Doors Survivor-Mentor, now knows how to handle triggers of PTSD. She continues to receive counseling with her Open Doors Clinician. With the stability created around her, Danielle graduated high school on time! She plans to attend college and pursue work in the field of business.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy