Florida's Leading 24/7 Network of Care for Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Open Doors Outreach Network: What Makes Us Unique

Our Promising Practices of Care


In an inclusive and non-judgmental environment, survivors are empowered to be active participants in their wellness care through a strength-based approach. Our teams support them, believe them and respect their decisions.


We understand the physical and psychological impacts of trauma, and apply techniques, policies and services congruent with those needs and each survivor’s unique lived experiences.

Team Approach

Survivors are supported by a team of professionals, including Survivor-Mentors, Regional Advocates, Victim Service Coordinators, and Clinicians who work together to create appropriate, individualized wellness plans.

Funding Follows the Victim

With this highly mobile population, our teams are often able to continue to serve survivors as they move throughout many Florida regions.

Backbone Support

This is the “special sauce” of our model. As the backbone, Voices for Florida mobilizes resources to plug service gaps, advances training and education and monitors evaluation and outcome measures to ensure successful outcomes for survivors.

Over 1,900 Child and Young Adult Survivors Served

Open Doors Outreach Network Providers

Providing trauma-responsive care to victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation
through 24/7/365 Outreach Teams.

One of Florida's Largest Employers of Survivor-Mentors

Survivor-Mentors are key members of our Outreach Teams. Their lived experience helps us better understand and respond to each survivor’s needs.


Success Story

Danielle was being sold to men for sex by her own mother. After telling teachers what was happening, she was referred to Open Doors by DCF.

A Top Need for Victims is Housing

As the backbone organization for Open Doors, Voices is working hard to fulfill this need. Survivors served through Open Doors  have access to transitional housing assistance, thanks to a three-year grant from the U.S Department of Justice.