Open Doors in the News


Last month Kim Squires, Survivor-Mentor at More Too Life and the Open Doors Outreach Network, shared her perspective at a press conference regarding legislation that would further assist survivors of sex trafficking. Click below to read more about it:

Uber trains drivers to spot human trafficking while proposed House bill would help survivors heal (Fox 13)

State works to fight human traffickers drawn to Super Bowl, rescue victims (Wink News)

Robyn Metcalf, Open Doors Statewide Director, authored the editorial Florida Must Fight Human Trafficking, which was featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune in February. This opinion piece dispelled human trafficking myths following the Super Bowl and provided a glimpse into the reality of this inhumane crime and industry across the state of Florida. She wrote, “Florida must continue its leadership to end trafficking by continuing to support trauma-informed programs for victims that are also survivor-centered, remove barriers to gainful employment for survivors and address policy options with stronger punishments for traffickers. By doing so we will send the strongest message to traffickers that Florida is closed for their business – permanently”. Vicky Basra, president and CEO of the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center, Open Doors Outreach Network Provider in Northeast Florida, was asked to shed light on how traffickers manipulate their victims in the online article, Experts Share How to Protect Your Children From Sex Traffickers on Social Media (Popsugar).