Local and State Leaders Partner with Voices to for Florida to Join the End It Movement

To educate communities and bring public awareness to sex trafficking, renowned photographers The Workmans partnered with Voices for Florida and the Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking to bring The End It Movement to Florida in February. This movement encourages advocates to draw a red X on their hands as a conversation starter to bring attention to human trafficking. The Workmans led the charge by setting up temporary photography sites in Tallahassee and Tampa to take portraits of participants with a red X on their hand in preparation for February 25, the designated day of awareness surrounding human trafficking. Voices for Florida and the Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking worked together to provide participants information on human trafficking and ways everyone can combat trafficking. These efforts resulted in 225 citizens and community leaders across the state bringing human trafficking to center stage! On February 25th, social media was flooded with awareness of this terrible crime, as each individual posted their photo and information on the prevalence of sex trafficking in Florida, encouraging other to spread this message. More importantly, survivors felt this overwhelming support. Media coverage included articles and videos by Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee Magazine and WCTV. In addition, Tallahassee Mayor John E. Dailey issued a proclamation recognizing February 25th as Shine a Light on Slavery Day. To view the full gallery of photos, click here.