Introducing Deborah Lloyd and Open Doors Transitional Housing Services: Piloting Soon


One of the newest additions to Voices for Florida, Deborah joined the team in January to serve as the Open Doors Housing Liaison. In this role she will be overseeing transitional housing services to be administered by the Open Doors Outreach Network. These services are made possible through grant funding from the Federal Department of Justice Office of Victim Services.

A native of Durham, North Carolina, Deborah is a dedicated professional with more than 30 years of experience serving marginalized individuals and communities through non-profit management, program development, community education, advocacy and activism. Most recently, Deborah served in a leadership role at Good News Outreach, an organization striving to reduce hunger, homelessness and isolation in the Tallahassee community.

The Open Doors Transitional Housing services will be piloted beginning this summer. To prepare for this launch, Deborah is working closely with the Open Doors Care Teams to understand survivors’ unique experiences and barriers related to transitional and permanent housing.