2021 Impact Report

Top Accomplishments to Date


Provided services to 1,357 sex trafficked children and young adults


Launched transitional housing assistance services, a top reported need of survivors


A top employer of survivor leaders and consultants


Florida’s largest network for sex trafficked survivors age 10-24


Statewide leadership in the 2021 End It Movement for sex trafficking awareness

Open Doors Continuum of Services

Individualized Wellness Plans

Crisis Intervention

Legal Assistance


Information and Referral

Personal and Court Advocacy

Survivor Story of Hope

From High School Dropout to High Goals for the Future

Jasmine*, a vtictim of sex trafficking, faced serious mental health issues that were only compounded by being trafficked. She was constantly on the run. Wanting to help, but not knowing how, her caregivers referred Jasmine to the Open Doors Outreach Network.

Jasmine met with her Open Doors Survivor-Mentor and Regional Advocate and immediately felt understood. Jasmine was running away because she longed for a family. After coming to this realization, our Open Doors Outreach Team began attending Jasmine’s foster staffings and helped advocate for her to be moved into a foster family home. Our team promised to work alongside a foster family to help them understand Jasmine’s trauma.

Jasmine is thriving in this new home and feels like she’s finally part of a family again. Making good on their promise, our Open Doors Outreach Team is teaching Jasmine’s foster family about the implications of trafficking and how they can best support Jasmine on her path to well-being. With the new skills Jasmine developed alongside our Open Doors Outreach Team, she is no longer running away, has started a GED program, found employment, and is overcoming her mental health struggles.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

Who We Serve

Our Promising Practices of Care


Survivors are empowered to be active participants in their wellness care.


We apply techniques aligned with overcoming the physical and psychological impacts of trauma.

Team Approach

A team of professionals work together to create and implement individualized wellness plans.

Funding Follows the Victim

Victims continue care as they move throughout our service areas.

Backbone Support

Voices for Florida manages operational services, allowing providers to focus on care.


System-wide standardization of promising practices, protocols and metrics to ensure high quality services for survivors.


Housing Assistance Grant Awarded by US Dept of Justice

“I’ll never forget the look on Anna’s* face when she knew she finally had a place of her own. I worked with the landlord to secure her lease and Voices for Florida covered the costs of monthly rent. With the help of donated furniture and decorations, her apartment began to feel like a home. After experiencing instability throughout her life, having a home means the world to Anna.”

– Chanel Dionne, Victim Services Coordinator in Northeast Florida

Backbone to the Open Doors Outreach Network

Voices for Florida applies innovation and new ways of thinking to address complex social issues. As the Backbone Organization, we provide critical operational services so our Network Providers working directly with survivors can focus on providing high quality care.
Backbone Support Includes:
• Guide Vision and Strategy
• Ongoing Review and Incorporation of Promising Practices
• Financial Administration and Federal Grant Management 
• Community Engagement and Public Awareness
• Data Collection and Process Improvement
• Training and Education

We are Grateful for Your Partnership and Support