Robyn Metcalf Honored for Innovative Approach for Helping Sex Trafficking Survivors


We’re thrilled to announce Robyn Metcalf, our Open Doors Statewide Director, has been selected as a 2020 Notable Nole by the Florida State University Alumni Association! The Notable Noles program recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of FSU’s alumni 35 or younger who have made exceptional achievements and significant contributions to their profession, community/society or the university through traditional channels or innovative approaches. It is even more of an honor as Robyn is one of just 18 alumni selected as a recipient this year.

Robyn was chosen for this prestigious award for her leadership and management in implementing an innovative “Network of Networks” approach to serving Florida survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking through the Open Doors Outreach Network. This innovative approach has been instrumental in filling gaps, leveraging existing services, mobilizing and managing financial resources, establishing shared measurement and best practices and supporting comprehensive training, education and professional development for all Network team members.

For the past three years, Robyn has managed the Open Doors Outreach Network to drive real-time change to support better survivor and system outcomes. Since 2017, the Open Doors Outreach Network has provided trauma-competent care and treatment to over 1,000 sex trafficking survivors. Robyn’s valuable contribution to communities all over Florida makes her the perfect recipient for this honor.

From the moment I met Robyn, I knew she was going to be an invaluable addition to our Voices for Florida team. There’s quite literally no one who can do the job like her. Her passion was evident to me and all of her colleagues from the very start. That same passion has never faltered throughout the years, but rather grows stronger with every passing day. We have all seen how Robyn isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo or blaze a new trail. Her unwavering dedication to sex trafficking survivors and commitment to leading by example are only a few of the many reasons she has made such a monumental impact in her field.

It’s truly an honor to work side by side with a talented and fearless social change-agent. Embracing FSU’s ‘unconquered’ spirit, our Statewide Director is committed to solving difficult and complex social problems facing our children and families. With her sharp wit and capacity to learn, Robyn has quickly gained a reputation for excellence and success that has benefited our entire Network. All of us at Voices for Florida are so excited to see what’s next in store for Robyn as she continues to create change for survivors of sex trafficking.

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About the Author

Linda Alexionok

Linda AlexionokLinda Alexionok’s broad experience in banking and finance, nonprofit leadership and child development informs her creative approach to social innovation, research-based collective impact and leveraging networks of diverse expertise to drive system change. She understands that successful innovation requires a collaborative effort of community leaders, leading academic thinkers and many others from the public and private sectors who embrace a common vision for transforming ideas into reality. They do this using a translational science approach that molds cutting-edge research into best-practice solutions tailored to the unique needs of Florida’s communities.

Linda’s unique ability to view community development and system reform opportunities through a social entrepreneurial-focused lens has made her a sought-after speaker, lecturer, media commentator and nonprofit board executive for numerous organizations. Her distinct perspective also brought Linda to her current dual nonprofit leadership role as President of Voices for Florida, which solves social problems through innovation, translational research and cross-sector collaboration; and Executive Director of The Children’s Campaign, which strategically mobilizes citizens at the nonpartisan, grassroots level to initiate system change for Florida’s children and families.