Continuing to Support Sex Trafficking Survivors amidst a Global Pandemic


In this unprecedented time, we’re all adjusting to a new way of life. Now more than ever, it’s evident that our network approach is essential to successfully serve survivors of sex trafficking. The network approach allows us to not only meet the increased needs of survivors during this challenging time, but also allows for effective communication and information sharing across our Network Providers.

Achieving Success while Maintaining Social Distancing 

In our regular discussions as a network, our Open Doors Survivor-Mentors, Regional Advocates and Clinicians have shared stories of victories from their work serving survivors of sex trafficking while maintaining social distancing. Below is just a sample of those stories, serving as a beacon of hope in a time of uncertainty.

A young adult survivor recently moved out of a not-so-great environment into their first apartment! Their Survivor-Mentor expressed to us how incredible it is to see them gain the independence they deserve. To make the apartment feel more like a home, the Survivor-Mentor working with this survivor has been dropping off items at their door daily for their new home. These comforts make such a difference, especially in a time of uncertainty. 

While many volunteer-based organizations serving survivors have shut down due to the Governor’s stay-at-home order, our Open Doors Outreach Teams have been able to reach out and fill gaps in their community. Our team members are doing everything they can to support their clients and their families, all while being creative and resourceful. Examples include picking up laptops from local school districts and delivering to clients to begin virtual learning; picking up food donations and delivering to survivors; and providing workbooks, journals and art supplies to resume counseling sessions over video conferencing.

Another young adult served by Open Doors recently started their first job! This young adult is giving back to the community through employment at a mental health center, working in a remote administrative position. In addition to providing encouragement to apply for the position, their Open Doors Outreach Team also helped them secure safe housing. They are making significant positive strides forward, and the Open Doors Outreach Team is providing support every step of the way.

How You Can Help

Voices for Florida and the Open Doors Outreach Network are committed to advocating for sex trafficked children and walking with them on the path to healing throughout this pandemic and beyond. Please make a donation to help us continue to provide 24/7/365 individualized, trauma-competent care for survivors of sex trafficking. These children need your support more than ever before.

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About the Author

Tiffany McGlinchey

As the Information and Outreach Specialist, Tiffany works closely with communications, media, research and best practices to cultivate strategic partnerships and support the collective work of the Open Doors Outreach Network. Prior to her current position, Tiffany served as Resident Multimedia Communication Coordinator at Voices’s affiliate organization, The Children’s Campaign.

Tiffany obtained her Masters of Integrated Marketing Communication and certificate in Multicultural Marketing at Florida State University’s esteemed College of Communication. In addition, she also received her Bachelor degree from Florida State University in Media Communication Studies with a Minor in Business. During her time at Florida State, Tiffany accelerated her education in both the Honors Program and the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society.