Research and Reports: Poverty

For Better or Worse? System-Justifying Beliefs in Sixth-Grade Predict Trajectories of Self-Esteem and Behavior Across Early Adolescence

A newly published study in the peer-reviewed journal Child Development that finds traditionally marginalized youth who grew up believing in the American ideal that hard work and perseverance naturally lead to success show a decline in self-esteem and an increase in risky behaviors during their middle-school years. Read More

U.S. Concentrated Poverty in the Wake of the Great Recession

In spite of the declining unemployment rate, the amount of people living under the federal poverty line in the United States continues to remain stuck at recession-era record levels even though the recession ended in 2009. Read More

Yale Study Shows Economic Rewards of Medicaid for Children

A new study from Yale looks at the long-term impacts of Medicaid for children once they become adults. Using newly available tax records that have been measured over decades, the study found that people who had been eligible for Medicaid as children earned higher wages and paid higher federal taxes than their peers who weren’t eligible for the federal-state health insurance program. The more years they were eligible for the program, the larger the difference in their earnings. Read More

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