Research and Reports: Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Workforce Index 2016

Our nation relies on the knowledge and skills of early educators to provide high-quality early care and education. Yet preparing, supporting and rewarding early educators in the USA remains ineffective, inefficient, and inequitable. The case for changing this status quo is incontrovertible. Read More

Children Living in Poverty: Decreases in Brain Development Increases the Achievement Gap

New research reflects influence of poverty on structural brain development in children—what can be done and why. Read More

Education: When it Counts the Most, Florida Does the Least

For the past decade, education experts have been warning Floridians of the shortcomings of its early learning policies and its effects on Florida’s brightest young minds. In fact, a recent study from the University of Florida, commissioned by the Office of Early Learning, proclaims that Florida’s early learning education does not prepare children for success in school. Read More

The Lifelong Impact of Preschool

Florida ranks 37th in resource allocation to its voter mandated Pre-K program. The program meets only 3 out of 10 national benchmarks that evaluate overall program quality and access. Watch this important report by CNN to find out how improving Florida’s Pre-K program is economically responsible. View Video

Florida Drops to 28th in National Rankings of Public School Systems

In previous years, Education Week’s Quality Counts report has ranked Florida as high as fifth and no lower than 11th in overall state ranking. The significant drop from past years is a result of the improved methods for ranking based on measureable outcomes versus policy and administrative requirements. Read More

From Pre-K to Prosperity

The number of adults and children relying on assistive social services, such as welfare and Medicaid, is climbing at an alarming rate. To address this negative trend the authors of a newly released report, From Pre-K to Prosperity, inform readers about how the investment in high-quality early learning programs is not only a cost effective solution, but is also cost-efficient. Pre-K is the economically proven investment that provides children with critical thinking, oral and written comprehension abilities that can reverse their future need for welfare and Medicaid assistance. High-quality Pre-K programs give children abilities and skills that are fundamental to their future learning success and is the foundation for growing a world-class workforce and prosperous economy. Read More

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