Research and Reports: CSE and Trafficking

Sex Trafficking of Children in the United States: Overview and Issues for Congress

According to the National Academy of Sciences’ report on child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking in the United States, “very few evaluations of specific victim and support services have been conducted, and there are few published reports and even fewer peer-reviewed studies on these services. As a result, victim and support service professionals and programs lack a critically reviewed evidence base for practice. Read More

Human Trafficking of Minors and Childhood Adversity in Florida

A report was recently published detailing the relationship between human trafficking of minors and childhood adversity in Florida. Findings show that sexual abuse is the strongest predictor of human trafficking for both boys and girls, and that sexual abuse in childhood may actually function as a “gateway” to other forms of victimization. This research is some of the only in this field that provides adequate data on boys that have been sexually exploited. Read More

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