Restoring the American Dream for Florida’s Children and Families

Although America is known as the land of opportunity, the facts that show the opposite is true. There’s less opportunity in the United States today than in Europe  ̶  or in any advanced industrial country in the world. And out of the fifty states, Florida ranks among the lowest for the key quality of life indicators.

Florida is paying a high price for this decline in quality of life. Not just in lower economic efficiency and growth, but also in the underdevelopment of our most important assets: our citizens and our children.

System Reform Reinvented

Voices for Florida is a nonprofit social entrepreneur organization that engages with thought leaders to drive social and economic innovation at the community and state levels. Our goal is to restore the American Dream for all of Florida’s children and families.


Informed by groundbreaking social progress research by Harvard University, our social innovation management system reinvents system reform. It combines the best of social science and market principles with a focus on measuring what really works, the leading social and economic indicators of true system change.

Linking Social and Economic Outcomes

Our approach systematically discovers key gaps in what isn’t working, amplifies innovative solutions and best practices to change the system and accelerates widespread support and resources for implementation.  As a result, issues typically regarded as social dilemmas can be recognized as the economic development opportunities they really are, allowing true and meaningful change to begin.

Long-Lasting Impact

A clear and rigorous evaluation framework ensures public and private funding is directed at the root causes of pressing social issues, rather than quick fixes. In addition, our approach is replicable from community to community and from issue to issue.

Today’s problems are too great and too urgent for the government to solve alone. Together with its partners, Voices for Florida assists thought-leaders in becoming changemakers for the most pressing social problems facing the families and children in our state.

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