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The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center (The Policy Center) is a nonprofit organization based in Jacksonville that engages communities, organizations and individuals through quality research, community organizing, advocacy, training and model programming to advance the rights of girls and young women, especially those in the justice and child protection systems.

Its president and ceo, Dr. Lawanda Ravoira, is one of the country’s foremost experts in gender-responsive trauma informed care. Her lengthy accomplishments include rescuing sex trafficked children off the strip in Ft. Lauderdale, serving as a key staffer in a national organization serving runaway and homeless youth, and growing the Florida based PACE Center for Girls organization from 3 to 20 centers. She is a national expert, author, researcher and trainer on issues specific to justice-involved girls and young women. The Policy Center encourages everyone to “see the girl” in her entirety.  (Read More)

Current Events & News

Sunday’s Lead Letter: Sexual abuse of girls is subject that needs more attention - It’s a topic that Lawanda Ravoira of the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center didn’t shy away from at the Jacksonville TEDx talks held at WJCT. (Read More) Urge Your Members of Congress to Co-Sponsor the Strong Start for America’s Children Act – The research is clear. High-quality early childhood education programs are a sound investment. That’s why we’re making sure Members of Congress hear us loud and clear as they move forward with the budget and now this new opportunity — the Strong Start for America’s Children bill.  (Take Action) New hope for smart justice regarding girls –  The Florida-Times Union recently reported the sobering news that Duval and surrounding counties lead Florida in the number of girls who are incarcerated. The Times-Union also reported that Voices for Florida and The Children’s Campaign recently partnered with the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center in Jacksonville sponsoring a community forum marking National Girls’ Justice Day. (Read More)  




At Voices for Florida, we believe that every person really can make a difference, and that every difference made really does matter. It all starts with what you know. Voices for Florida empowers our members with knowledge – well-researched, evidence-based best practices and data on quality-of-life issues that are critical to us and our children’s future.


Sharing is the universal language of human interaction, which brain scientists call the essential ingredient for strengthening social ties and enhancing quality of life. At Voices for Florida, our members gain a sense of unity and common purpose by connecting and sharing high-impact knowledge.


Collaboration is not a spectator sport. Activities that bring people together to engage in collective problem-solving or raise awareness create powerful connections that can last a lifetime and literally change the world. Voices for Florida offers members diverse ways to get engaged and contribute to help build a better future for us all.


Rooted in the Old English word for “bold,” the act of building is inspired and driven by the courage and confidence that the effort will have impact. Simply put, when Voices for Florida members know, share and engage, they collectively drive better outcomes to build strong communities and successful families, creating a better future for our children.

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